Celebrating International Compost Awareness Week: Quick Tips to Composting

Celebrating International Compost Awareness Week: Quick Tips to Composting

It's International Compost Awareness Week, a time to celebrate the simple yet powerful act of composting! Composting isn't just about waste disposal; it's a game-changer for the environment. Let's explore why composting matters and some easy tips to get started.

Why Compost?

Composting reduces landfill waste, enriches soil, fights climate change, and supports biodiversity. It's a win-win for both the planet and your garden.


Quick Composting Tips

1. Bin Basics: Choose a composting bin that fits your space, whether it's a backyard pile or a worm bin for indoors.

2. Mix It Up: Balance green (kitchen scraps, grass clippings) and brown (leaves, cardboard) materials for best results.

3. Keep it Alive: Turn your compost regularly and keep it moist, like a damp sponge.

4. Skip Certain Foods: Avoid meat, dairy, and oily foods to prevent pests and odours.

5. Patience Pays Off: Composting takes time, so keep at it and let nature work its magic. 


ICAW Giveaway

This year to celebrate ICAW one lucky composter will be able to win a Monty Monitor!

To enter the International Compost Awareness Week Australia competition, simply share your compost photo to  info@core.asn.au by Friday 31st May 2024 to go into the running!

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