Sustainable Gift Ideas

Sustainable Gift Ideas

Christmas is a fun and magical time, but sadly Christmas is probably one of the most wasteful holidays. This is why we believe it is important to give thoughtful and practical gifts that your loved ones will definitely use and enjoy. 

If you’re stuck on ideas on what to get for Christmas we’ve got a list for you - oh and they’re all sustainable! 

Notely - Eco Notebook Duo - Recycled Cups (A5 size)

This is a great gift to help someone to write those New Year resolutions and get organised next year! Not only does it look fantastic, Notely Eco notebooks are made from 100% recycled paper and plant based ink meaning it is recyclable and compostable. They even use the paper from coffee cups to make the notebook covers! How good is that? Notely books come in a range of sizes and designs. Our favourite are the minimalist designs.

Monty Compost Co - Monty Monitor

Speaking of composting, the perfect gift for a composter - or any eco-warrior - is a Monty Monitor! Think of it like a fitbit… but for your compost! This device goes into any small scale bin, pile or tumbler and tracks its decomposition and health data sending it to any smartphone!

Hip - SUGA Water Bottle 

Whether it's a day of composting, gardening or at the beach, it’s important to stay hydrated! The SUGA Reusable water bottle has you covered. The bottle is made from renewable materials which are sugarcane stalks that would have otherwise been discarded. This is a great gift idea as they come in different colours, are lightweight, dishwasher safe, BPA free and freezer safe. Even better for those hot sunny days! 

Sunbutter - Sunscreen

Hydration is important and so is sunscreen! Don’t forget to lather up this summer and don’t let your friends and family forget too! So why not give them an eco-friendly, reef safe, plastic free sunscreen that ticks all the boxes. Sunbutter’s sunscreen comes in a 100g recyclable tin and provides SPF 50 protection for the face and body, 4 hour water resistance and doesn’t leave a white film.

St James Supply Co - Solid Shampoo

After all that fun in the sun, a nice relaxing shower is needed. This is where St James Supply Co’s solid shampoo comes in. Handmade in Perth, these solid bathroom products are a fantastic addition to any bathroom. They have a wide variety of different soaps, conditioners, body bars suitable for different hair and skin types. They even have soap-free lavender scented dog wash! A perfect gift for the whole family.

We’re so excited for Christmas this year and hope you are too. It has definitely been a crazy few years but time to get together with family and friends makes it all worth it. If you liked our gift guide make sure to like or reshare it on social media to let us know if you’d like to see more! We’ve also made an Instagram post summarising everything we listed in this gift guide for you.

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