The Best Monty Offer Yet for Brisbane Composters!

The Best Monty Offer Yet for Brisbane Composters!

Are you a composter? A composter who lives in Brisbane?

If you said yes to both of those then it has never been a better time to pick yourself up a Monty Monitor because you can now get our lowest ever out-of-pocket price of AUD$129! For such a sophisticated, world-first technology, this price is insanely low and it's all thanks so our friends at Brisbane City Council (plus a bit of Monty Christmas spirit). 

With our special Christmas Campaign code MONTYCHRISTMAS22 bringing the sale price down to $199, you might be wondering where the other $70 is coming from. Well look no further than Brisbane City Council's compost rebate scheme - all you have to do is send your Monty receipt in and Brisbane residents will receive a cool $70 back on their purchase. 

The offer only lasts until the end of the year so get yours now and join our Monty Compost Community this Christmas!

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