$70 Brisbane City Council Compost Rebate

$70 Brisbane City Council Compost Rebate

Composting is so important to the environment. By composting, you’re doing your hand to help reduce waste, strengthen the soil, help plants grow, reduce the need for pesticides and fertilizers, and create a strong soil ecosystem.

But composting doesn’t have to be something that’s hard and expensive! That’s something the city of Brisbane wants to help with. Residents can receive up to $70 in rebate for composting materials. So get back out there or get started with composting! 🌱

When purchasing composting materials, there are certain items that you can claim towards the rebate. These items include compost bins/tumblers, compost aerator/drill, worm farm/tower, in-ground composter or worm farm, bokashi composting system, and composting monitoring devices.

1. Compost bins are containers that turn your waste into compost 🗑️


Bunnings compost bin


2. A compost aerator is a tool that will help aerate your compost.


Bunnings Tumbleweed Aerator


3. Worm farms and towers use worms to help recycle compost🪱


Cube Wormfarm Tumbleweed


4. An in-ground composter where you dig a hole in the ground and add your compost and cover with soil🧑‍🌾


Tumbleweed Compost Worm Buffet


5. A bokashi composting system includes the bokashi bins for sealing compost.


Bokashi Compost Bin


6. Monty’s monitor falls into the monitoring category, so our products can be used towards the rebate!🔬


Monty Monitor for composting


There are a few items excluded from the rebate. These items are live worms, carbon material, worm farm conditioner, bokashi grains or liquid sprays, compost accelerator liquid, and compost blocks. The rebate is good for one item per household, so make sure you select the product that will be best for you! 

Once you’ve bought your equipment, you’ll want to redeem your rebate. All you’ll need to do is to go on the Brisbane City Council website and complete a form. It’ll ask you what you purchased, and you’ll need to upload a photo of your receipt, so don’t lose that! You’ll also provide your banking details and property address. Then, that’s it! The rebate takes about fourteen days to process and then you will receive your rebate.

What a wonderful opportunity for those just getting started with composting! Be sure to download the Monty Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Our app works with your Monty monitor, or it can work independently of the monitor.

The app has a dashboard that displays the user’s pile information, reminders for your compost, a place where you can track the waste that you compost, and compost-related content for you to browse. Everything is presented in a gamified way to keep composting fun!📱💚 

Getting started with composting is just the beginning of an amazing journey. Have fun!

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