Fun and Easy Eco-Friendly Activities for Kids

Fun and Easy Eco-Friendly Activities for Kids

During the school holidays, sometimes it can feel like it’s hard to come up with ideas to entertain your kids. However, there are tons of fun eco-friendly activities you can do together as a family! Many of these activities are affordable and use materials you probably already own, and they’ll keep your kids entertained for hours!! Below are just a few ideas to get you started.


Children are always encouraged to read, so why not read books about nature and the earth together? This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone– kids are reading and they are learning about sustainability! Go to the local library together and see what books stand out!


Teach kids about how composting works by letting them see for themselves how the magic happens. Create a compost bottle by using a transparent water bottle so kids can see how waste gets broken down and turns into soil. You can also recycle paper and learn how to create homemade paper. There are a variety of DIY videos online to walk you through this process. Kids will feel like they are part of making the paper and will see first-hand how recycling works! Speaking of recycling, try digging through the recycling bin for items to use for crafts. A quick browse on the internet will give you endless possibilities, like making dry wastebaskets or coasters for example!

Scavenger Hunt

Kids love scavenger hunts, and this is easy to pull off whether you’re at home in a garden or out exploring. Create a list of things to find such as certain animals or plants to help teach kids about the environment. They’ll have fun searching and also learn more about who they share the planet with.

Join a Community Garden

If there is a community garden in your area, consider getting a small plot! Your kids will get to be involved and help grow their own food. They’ll also take away more than just food. They’ll take home patience, caretaking, and knowledge of where their food comes from. 


Kids are never too young to start learning about sustainability, and it can be taught in fun ways! Check out the Monty Mobile app, too, which gamifies compost. Kids can achieve different levels, awards, and avatars. However you choose to teach your kids about the environment, have fun!

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