Green Real Estate is All the Rage

Green Real Estate is All the Rage

It is no shock that climate change and global warming are an increasing threat in our lives. Many companies are now beginning to realise the role they play in this problem and have begun brainstorming solutions. The construction industry itself contributes to forty percent of worldwide carbon emissions! With many home developers becoming aware of their environmental responsibility and the surge in green home popularity, developers have made some changes to shift to sustainable properties.

Developers are now looking at what they can do to enhance their properties by considering LEED Green Building certification:

πŸ—‘οΈ Waste management

🚰 Water management

⚑ Energy efficiency.

Two-thirds of realtors have noticed that their clients are interested in green properties and that homes featuring sustainable elements have attracted buyers. The pandemic has made consumers place value on lifestyle and sustainability. They now are looking for eco-friendly homes for healthy living and happiness.

With the price of homes on the market increasing, there is a lot to be said about eco-friendly features. Solar panels and energy-efficient systems help to cut down on some costs, drawing consumers in. Not only are they able to save some money, but they are also doing their part to give back to the environment 🌱🌏

Since green properties are all the rage, developers are looking for ways to deliver these types of projects. They are creating spaces with rooftop solar panels, low-wattage lighting systems, water-efficient landscaping, and smart technology. Developers are considering the build to rent model. For example, solar panels, once installed, usually pay for themselves within six years of operation. This then reduces the long-term overall operations cost. It is a win for everyone.

Buyers will have lower annual electricity bills, leading to lower annual service charges for owners and investors. As those in the real estate cycle learn more about sustainable living, it is expected that more developers will create more of these types of properties 🏘️ πŸ”¨

If you are a developer looking to create a green property, why not green-ify the entire process! Monty offers a compost package that would serve as a wonderful sustainable welcome gift for new homeowners πŸ™Œ 🎁

Our package is a turnkey solution that reduces waste, cuts down on carbon, and saves soil. It includes a monitor, compost bin, and all necessary equipment. Your buyer will not just have a green home, but will also have a way to give back to the environment themselves! It is just one more small and simple step you can take to make your properties show the earth a little more love.

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