How can I compost - apartment edition?

How can I compost - apartment edition?

One of the most common questions we get from our compost community is how to compost in an apartment.

There are so many uncertainties, such as “will my neighbours complain about smells coming from my place?”, “where would a compost bin even fit?” and "are any creepy crawlies are going to start living here rent free".

Well, as apartment dwellers ourselves, we’ve come up with two of the best ways to compost in your apartment.

1. Worm Farming

You may have heard it called worm farming or vermicomposting but either way it's the innovative compost every apartment needs. Worms for compost? We know most first thoughts are usually "ew, absolutely not" but they’re actually a great way to save time, space and money.

Worm farms are incredibly easy to look after as you simply put your kitchen scraps, paper and of course, the worms, into the bin, and your organic waste gets chewed up into fertiliser for all the indoor plants you purchased in quarantine.

Worm farms used to be unheard of but they're all the rage now! As a whopping 1 in 10 of us Aussie’s live in apartments this simple at-home-compost is an absolute life changer when it comes to saving organic waste from landfill and creating your own fertiliser.

2. Bokashi Composting

Now if you follow our socials (which if you haven't already, you should do so immediately after reading this), you’ll have seen our beloved Bokashi bin.

But what is a bokashi bin you ask?

Bokashi it is an indoor compost bin based on a Japanese decomposition method that is as easy to use as a worm farm. To start off, add in all your food scraps with a spray or two daily of the fermenting liquid, squish it down until it's full and then after a few weeks, turn on the tap at the bottom to get that nutrient-filled juice.

This isn’t just any boring compost bin though, Bokashi comes with numerous benefits, including:

  • Containing odours because you don’t want to smell fermenting food scraps.
  • Quick and easy why wait months for compost, when you can wait weeks?
  • No need to purchase fertiliser and pesticides spending that kind of money on top of rent? No way.
  • It doesn’t involve ANY insects or worms, if vermicomposting wasn't for you.
  • Helps to take a load off landfills so you can do your part to help the environment from home!

Now that there's no excuse not to be composting, no matter where you live!

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