How to compost in an apartment - extended edition

How to compost in an apartment - extended edition

So you live in an apartment and don’t know how to compost?

We get it - it may seem a little challenging and look like you need heaps of equipment but that’s not the case. It’s actually surprisingly easy and you could even start right now!

Firstly you need somewhere to store your scraps, this could be a container, plastic bag or a compost caddy like the one here that we showed you how to get for free.

If you’re using a bag be sure to place it in the freezer to eliminate any funky smells and keep out those pesky insects. If you're using a sealed container or compost caddy then this can be popped on your kitchen bench-top, under your sink or even in the fridge.

Basically any organic material can be kept for composting, from food scraps to grass clippings to tissues and heaps more!

*Make sure though to avoid plastics and minimise the amount of meat and dairy.

What do you do once it’s full? We have a few options here:

  1. Head to your local community garden and tip your compost into one of the bins. For Brisbane-based composters, if you’re unsure about where your nearest hub is you can find it here.
  2. Check if your apartment block has a communal compost - if there's a garden area, it’s likely they’ll have a compost bin for residents and if they don’t then maybe you can raise that topic with them!
  3. Find locals near you who are accepting people’s compost. ShareWaste is a great platform for this as they help you find someone in your neighbourhood who's willing to accept extra scraps and compost it or feed it to their worms or animals.

So with those three options there's definitely no excuse to not be composting, no matter where you live!

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