How to get $70 off your compost

How to get $70 off your compost

Starting a compost has never been easier and cheaper than now.

Approximately 60% of Australian landfills is organic waste, all of which releases methane and contributes massively to global greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why Brisbane City Council wants to encourage Brisbaners to reduce their household food waste and lower the Brisbane landfill contribution. To do so they created a $70 compost rebate scheme to help Brisbaners get started composting!

So how do you get the $70 rebate? It’s super easy.

1. Watch this educational video on council’s website.

2. Complete a quick educational quiz here.

3. Then you’ll receive a certificate of completion in your email. Upload this document to the council website to receive your unique rebate code.

4. Order your compost system of choice (either a compost bin, compost aerator, worm farm or bokashi composting system).

Unfortunately, Monty is not included but we could change that with public pressure! So if you’d like Monty to be included, just write to your local councillor. To find your local member just head to this link here.

5. Make sure you keep your receipt – you’ll need this to claim the rebate.

6. Complete the online rebate request via council’s website here.

To read more about the rebate program, just head to this link here.

So there you have a super easy way to save $70 while saving the planet too! We’d love to see the fabulous compost systems you get so be sure to tag us in any photos of your new setup.

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Special composters can also ,pre-order a Monty here.

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