How you can save money in your garden

How you can save money in your garden

Gardeners can save money and water with two simple solutions, composting and water conservation. But how can we do this and provide our plants with enough water? 

Australian company WaterUps have created self-watering planters, complete with their wicking system designed to conserve water and help plants grow efficiently. 

Raised garden beds are the simple and affordable alternative to traditional planters. They work by holding water in a reserve and allowing the plant roots to access it as needed. The plant's roots grow into the reserve and the soil above it remains moist and hydrated, reducing the frequency of watering required. 

This can be useful for gardeners looking to conserve water, reduce time spent watering plants, or for growing plants in areas with limited access to water. This also enables gardeners to focus on other tasks, such as monitoring plant growth, or making compost to help retain moisture in the soil.

Speaking of compost, Monty Compost Co, an Australian tech start-up has developed a world-first digital probe that measures the temperature, water vapour and organic gases emitted from a compost pile and transmits it via Bluetooth to their free mobile app, Monty Mobile.

Combined, Monty Monitor and WaterUps are two products that will benefit the health of plants and reduce the amount of time and resources needed for gardening. 

  1. Increased food security: By using compost to improve soil fertility and conserve water with WaterUps, gardeners can grow plants more efficiently and sustainably, increasing food security and reducing food waste. 

  1. Water conservation: WaterUps conserve water by providing a self-watering system that allows plants to access water as needed. When combined with compost, which helps retain moisture in the soil, the frequency of watering needed is further reduced, leading to even greater water conservation.

  1. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions: Composting helps to reduce waste and the need for chemical fertilisers, which can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. By using compost in combination with WaterUps, gardeners can further reduce their environmental impact and contribute to the goal of mitigating climate change.

  1. Increased sustainability: By reducing the amount of water, resources, and waste needed for gardening, the combination of WaterUps and composting can help make gardening more sustainable and eco-friendly. This can have a positive impact on the environment and communities around the world.

Together, WaterUps and Monty Compost Co are striving to make sustainability more accessible for everyone and restore our climate by making positive changes. Their Australian made products have the potential to change the way we garden for people all over the world. 

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