I can’t compost because ...

I can’t compost because ...

I can’t compost because there’s a whole bunch of common misconceptions out there making me think I can’t be a composter!

Anyone can compost and we believe that everyone should. Compost is so amazing for the environment, personal health and communities but there’s this notion that only expert green-thumbs can be part of the movement.

We’re here to tell you that’s not the case at all and to dispel some of the claims against composting that we hear the most.

I just don’t have the time!

This is the biggest one we get (and being a startup we can definitely relate) but compost doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Look, if you’re operating a 10-tonne pile with a 4 week turnaround in your backyard, there’s definitely going to be some work involved but it’s pretty unlikely that’s your set-up.

There are a whole bunch of composters out there, like the Urban Composter and Aerobin, that require basically zero effort besides dumping your scraps in. Even a basic container or pile doesn't really need more than a few minutes a week once you know how to do it.

It’s going to smell super gross

Ok so this isn’t totally untrue - compost can smell and it can be super gross - but it doesn’t have to be. Compost starts smelling because of a complicated chemical evolution of it's microbiome to produce gasses like ammonia and hydrogen sulphide (yep, that rotten egg smell).

All that science-y stuff aside, it is so easy to prevent this with the right management.

It’s going to attract animals and insects

This is kind of an extension of the last but the idea of bugs and rats and snakes (yes, snakes) making their home in your compost isn’t the most appealing. Again though, it all comes down to how you’re managing it.

Smells can come from any number of problems but pests are almost always simply because there’s too much food waste that’s not being balanced out by carbon materials. While you can have too many and the wrong types, a healthy insect population is actually really important for your pile (stay posted for a dedicated bug blog!).

I don’t have the space

Like we said, most of you aren’t going to be running a multi-windrow operation in your backyard. There are countless compost solutions in all shapes and sizes, from a tiny worm farm to a twisting tumbler.

It’s way too confusing

This is the most understandable. Despite all the information available out there, trying to compost easily and efficiently can be super difficult, especially as most of the information isn’t specific to each unique individual.

We’re meant to be the compost experts here and even we learn something new every day!

It shouldn’t have to be confusing though and that’s really the whole reason we started. We’re taking all the information that’s out there and creating a custom guide for everyone - no more compost confusion.

Just a little note:

It’s totally fine though if you genuinely just don’t want to compost yourself but you should definitely still be getting your organic waste to someone who is doing it. Don’t know anyone? Good thing we’re also building a compost sharing community to get that waste where it needs to be!

We hope this has stopped any hesitations to leaping right into the wonderful world of compost but if you need an extra hand, always feel free to reach out or check out our socials - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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