Mainstreaming Compost

Mainstreaming Compost

International Compost Awareness Week is in full swing and we’ve loved seeing everyone’s enthusiasm and excitement toward the world of compost. Our goal is to make composting mainstream in homes, communities and commercial agriculture but the industry still needs to improve and evolve to meet the needs of contemporary society before that can happen. That’s why Earth Offset exists - we want to help the compost industry evolve through creating innovative technologies that simplify the process and make composting a viable activity for everyone. This article explores what Earth Offset is doing to mainstream compost.

In our recent blog post Why Compost Needs to be Quantified, we made a case for why composting needs to evolve. We have been composting the same way for millennia and, for home composters at-least, the most sophisticated technology we’ve utilised are some glorified thermometers.

Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. We admit that there are a lot of incredible compost sensors out there but most of those don’t actually meet the needs of composters. Compost is an incredibly complex biological process and is influenced by so many different factors, from weather to capacity. The sensors that currently exist don’t measure compost holistically, taking into account all these factors and how they may fluctuate over time.

Earth Offset is changing the way industry quantifies compost.

We’ve designed an IoT compost monitoring system unlike anything the composting world has ever seen. Our monitoring system continuously collects data from different areas of your compost meaning it can track changes over time and provide a holistic analysis of your compost. The data collected by our monitoring device is transmitted to our cloud analysis model where it is combined with localised climate data and your compost profile to generate insights tailored to your compost.

Why is this data valuable? These insights can be combined with cutting-edge compost management research to provide simple instructions on how to compost easily and efficiently. Our analysis model optimises both speed of decomposition and maintenance effort, creating value for all composters, no matter why you’re doing it.

Composting can be a delicate process when you have so many factors to balance against each other. That’s why data is important. It helps manage the process and prevents your compost from turning into a mini-landfill in your backyard. Even for commercial composters, this monitoring and analysis functionality is highly valuable in terms of low-cost, “first-line-of-defence” technology. While industry composting will always need it’s scientific precision testing equipment, these don’t have the same wide-scale deployment and holistic analysis functionality that Earth Offset is developing.

Our device also allows small-scale compost operations access to the technologies needed for an efficient, regulation-compliant set up. This will be invaluable to community composters and small, on-farm composters who lack scientific knowledge in the process of composting and can’t afford the intricate equipment of the commercial companies.

Earth Offset’s IoT compost monitoring device is currently in the product development phase with completion expected in December, 2019. To stay up-to-date join our mailing list and follow us on social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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