Moonie State School X Monty Compost Classroom Competition

Moonie State School X Monty Compost Classroom Competition

To celebrate the recent launch of our latest program, the Monty Compost Classroom Competition (MCCC), we would like to introduce you to one of our contestants, Moonie State School (MSS), who is a “small school making a big difference”. 

MSS is participating in the Monty Compost Classroom Competition - a competition for schools across Australia to get involved in composting to demonstrate the importance of implementing sustainability education in the curriculum. 

Behind this small school in rural Queensland are big dreams. MSS Principal, John-Bruce (JB) Mohr is teaching the students of Moonie to achieve big things and the importance of leading a sustainable lifestyle. Learning about sustainability in a school setting promotes student engagement and provides encouragement from teachers and peers from a young age. 

Their geographical position in Queensland makes it even more important to think about others outside of their immediate community. This is why it is crucial to educate students about what goes on outside of their small community and how things can impact them. 

MSS teaches their students to ‘dream big’ by reinforcing that “nothing is impossible. Everything is within reach if you are willing to stretch yourself to get it”. 

JB says this positively impacts the students as it “shifts student thinking from ‘I can’t do this’, to ‘I can’t do this yet. But I will!’”, a message that is extremely important in shaping the way a child thinks. 

Because the students of Moonie are the future generation, the MSS staff and community have a united focus on “creating students who are global thinkers and ready for the real world” Explaining why sustainability is so important at Moonie. 

Through their sustainability initiatives and their participation in MCCC, they are able to link this to several curriculum areas to continue the discussion of what else and how a small sustainable action can add up to make a big difference. This stimulates the students to think beyond the walls of the classroom. 

As one of Moonie’s sustainability initiatives, they have implemented a colour coded bin system for sorting different types of waste as well as having containers for food waste during fruit breaks. The students of Moonie enjoy getting involved in this as it allows them to pay a visit to the worm farm, which is their favourite part of composting. 

For the students at Moonie, sustainability education showed them that they don't need to be the stereotypical “old, male scientist”, in their own words, to make a difference. 

Creating a sense of community through sustainability has had a positive impact on Moonie and neighbouring communities. To achieve this, MSS is striving to create a community garden on school grounds. 

Which will enable the Moonie community to engage in sustainability practices at school and outside of school. Furthermore, Moonie has collaborated with the Garden Club who are from a nearby community, to maximise the potential of their new Monty Monitor. For a small school like Moonie, this new addition increases “the engagement of students with technology with a clear learning intention”. 

It is incredible to see how much JB and MSS teachers value sustainability and seeing how it makes a practical difference in their community. Moonie State School’s philosophy is taking care of others, including those in the future. This simultaneously educates the current generation to continue to care for future generations. This is reflected in their values of pride, respect, kindness and collaboration. 

Even a small school like Moonie is putting in a huge effort on lifting the pressure on our climate and shows how much a small thing can make a big difference. Participating in MCCC gives Moonie the ability to introduce their students to a new aspect of sustainability and composting with the addition of compost technology. Monty Monitor gives them a direct insight on what exactly is happening within their compost pile and the students are loving it. 

If there’s anything we need to know from a student at MSS it’s that “it’s a good learning school”. 

You can keep track of how all the amazing schools participating in MCCC are progressing here: 

Thank you to MSS and Principal JB Mohr for giving us an insight on what life at Moonie is like and telling us all the awesome things they are doing there! 

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