Mythbusters with Monty: Compost Edition

Mythbusters with Monty: Compost Edition

Mythbusters with Monty: Compost Edition 

Have you been wanting to start composting but changed your mind because it seemed like too much work? Or another aspect was holding you back? Well look no further, because we’re here to clear up the myths around composting so you can get started sooner.


1. Compost Smells

A well-maintained compost bin should not omit any odour, even though that's the first thing that usually comes to mind when people say 'compost'!

It is important to maintain a healthy environment for your compost to fully thrive and if it smells, unfortunately that is not what's happening. After all, you can create incredibly harmful toxins by not taking care of your compost properly. Which means you are actually doing more harm than good while composting.

Another way to avoid odours from occurring is by regularly aerating your compost in order to promote better oxygen flow. Or, if your compost smells a little soggy, you can fix this by adding dry chopped leaves into your compost to aid with any odours. 

2. I use fertiliser, I don't need to compost

Composting is not just about producing your own fertiliser. It's definitely a bonus though! However, for the pro-gardeners out there, why turn down the opportunity to cut costs and create your own liquid fertiliser that will let your crops grow in an all-natural, organic way?

There are so many other amazing things that compost can do. It can solve your smelly bin problems. If you're composting your kitchen scraps, you'll have less organic waste rotting in your household bin until bin day, so less smell!

Composting reduces waste, properly disposes of and breaks down organic waste, and overall reduces climate change. Win-win for all!

By responsibly disposing of our own organic waste in a controlled and monitored way, we are making a huge impact on the future of our planet. 

Who knew that this simple thing could make a huge impact? Now imagine if everyone in the world was composting their organic waste. We could make such an incredible change by putting more thought and effort in reducing our carbon footprint through composting. 


3. It's Too Messy  

There is the connotation that composting is a messy hobby. But it doesn't have to be. There are plenty of ways to get around the 'mess'. 

If you think walking out to your outdoor compost unit and scooping up your kitchen scraps with your hands is too messy, use a compost caddy or an aesthetic container to keep your kitchen scraps in. Then you don't have to ruin the clean, minimalistic look of your kitchen by having an open container of kitchen scraps sitting on your kitchen bench.

By having a designated container to keep your scraps in, it makes your compost more organised and shows off to your guests that you're a composting superhero!

If handling the scraps is the issue, we have an easy fix. Line your container with a compostable bag and throw the whole bag - scraps and all - in your compost pile. Clean and compost-friendly!

A bonus tip about compostable bags is that they are not always the better eco-friendly alternative to disposable bags if the bag and contents end up in landfill. Compostable bags are only an eco-friendlier alternative if you are actually composting the bag after use. Which in this case you are!


4. It Takes Up A Lot of Space

Whether you live in an apartment, townhouse, student accommodation, small or large home, there is a compost bin that will suit your requirements.

There are plenty of easy and simple ways to start composting before you fully commit to an entire compost set up. Size is no issue and let us tell you how! 

There are a variety of shapes and sizes that compost bins come in. If there is no outdoor area for your compost bin, there are plenty of indoor composters to choose from. A great indoor composter is the Maze 18L Indoor Compost Bin which is a fantastic alternative to a traditional outdoor compost bin.

Live in a home that does not produce a lot of organic waste? Another great option is having a compost caddy in your kitchen. This is a perfect way to join in on the compost fun. When your compost caddy is full, run it down to your local community compost hub and empty it there! 

5. Composting Is Too Low-Tech

Feel like composting is too old school? Make your compost set up high-tech by pairing your compost to the free Monty Mobile Compost App.

Enter in a few details about your compost set-up and what you've composted and the app will monitor and track the progress of your compost. This ensures you have the healthiest, thriving compost on the block!

If you want to take your compost to the next level, you can link real time, automatic updates to your mobile phone by using a Monty Monitor which allows you to monitor and view the progress of your compost.

By using a Monty Monitor, you are teaming up with Monty Compost Co to make a huge impact on the future of our planet and provide an easy and fun way to compost. Oh, did we also say we have a quiz feature in the app that allows you to become the ultimate compost genius?!

Download the Monty Mobile App today and start composting like a pro today!



Now that we've cleared that up, you should be ready to start composting and become a compost pro! Composting is as hard as you make it, it doesn't have to be hard at all - it can also be fun! We hope that we've answered your big concerns about composting. By following these tips, you're on the way to being the best composter you can be. 

Be sure to download the Monty Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Our app works with your Monty monitor, or it can work independently of the monitor.

The app has a dashboard that displays the user’s pile information, reminders for your compost, a place where you can track the waste that you compost, and compost-related content for you to browse. Everything is presented in a gamified way to keep composting fun!📱💚 

Getting started with composting is just the beginning of an amazing journey. Have fun!

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