Oh, the places you'll compost!

Oh, the places you'll compost!

When most people think of compost, it’s a bin in a backyard or maybe a community garden but as we covered last week, there are so many different places you can compost.

Basically the way you figure out if a place is good to start a compost operation is:

  1. Is organic waste produced nearby? Whether it’s kitchen scraps, lawn trimmings or any other form of organic waste, it’s all good stuff!
  2. Do people go near it regularly? It helps if there are often people around, either working or living there, who would be able to maintain the compost to make things easier.

That’s it. If you answered yes to those, you’ve got your next composting hot-spot! To get you started out though, here are a few of our favourite places that are absolutely perfect to start composting.


There are so many people want to compost but that tiny balcony or courtyard isn’t quite enough. As we start living more and more in cities, apartments are taking over and the sprawling backyard pile just doesn’t work.

That doesn’t mean that they can’t compost though.

Practically every apartment block, especially the new builds, have shared green areas and common spaces that are absolutely perfect for a micro-compost set-up. Even if you don’t have a nice grassy patch, there’s at least always a refuse space for the general and recycling waste that could potentially also be retrofitted.

This holds true for retirement centres, shared villages and all sorts of high-density living. There’s also the added benefit of community building around the bin - let’s make compost the new water cooler!


Every single school around the world should compost. They align so well with the requirements and are perfect in every way for a hyper-efficient composting hotspot. They’ve got a consistent stream of organic waste from the kids (who can even bring their home scraps in!), they’ve got a ready team of motivated composters and they’ve got ample space to set it up. It’s an absolute no-brainer!

They’ve also got so many other added benefits. Whether it’s science, permaculture or sustainability, a compost operation provides so many opportunities for education to the schools that have them. It’s also been shown that spending time outdoors with nature is unbelievably good for growing brains, as well as getting in touch with the environment.

Communities and Clubs

We mentioned how pretty much all community gardens will be composting but why stop at them? Sporting teams, organisation meet-ups, rotary clubs, all of these have a HQ that’s typically also meeting those compost operation needs.

Not only is this a super simple way to add some more fun and community to your club, it can also work to attract new members, promote you and prove just how great you are for the planet.

Although setting up your own operation is a little bit more effort (though not for much longer when our system comes out!), the more free-to-all compost set-ups there are, the better.

Compost has such an amazing impact but we need everyone doing it. If there’s a compost bin at the end of every street, we’ll be able to.

Do you think you want to get your own compost going, whether it’s at home, school or your Friday night Salsa club? Reach out to us if you need a hand, make sure you’ve subscribed and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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