Sustainable gift ideas for Father's Day

Sustainable gift ideas for Father's Day

Father’s Day is coming up soon so if you haven’t got a gift yet then we’ve got you covered!

Whether it slipped your mind or your planned gift didn’t work out - here’s several sustainable gift ideas that any father will love:

1. Phone cases made from CD discs

These phone cases are made from CD discs which are cleaned and compounded into new, high-grade material. To grab one of these cool cases just head to this link here.

2. Recycled tire cardholder wallet

Inner tubes and feed bags are recycled to create this durable wallet with a pop of colour. What’s awesome about these wallets is that their profits go towards fighting human trafficking. Know a father who needs this wallet? You can grab one here.

3. Sneakers made from coffee waste

These sneakers by Rens are made from used coffee grounds and recycled plastic bottles to create lightweight and long-lasting sneakers. They’ve got many stylish designs so be sure to check out their store here.

4. Water bottle made from plants

Swheat Bottle creates stylish water bottles that are made from plants and divert 9kg of waste per bottle. Want to grab one of these? Check out this link here.

5. Trendy second hand clothes

The best way to buy clothes is to purchase second hand whether it be from op-shops, Facebook Marketplace or your Sunday markets. There's so many branded and high-quality clothes available for a fraction of their retail price! To find your local op-shop check out this link here.

6. Monty Monitor

Although our Monty Monitor is only available for pre-sales right now, it'd be a great present for next Father’s day! It’s the world's first smart sensor to help you manage your compost more effectively. To pre-order one just head to this link here.

There you have 6 Father’s Day gifts which prove sustainable presents can be just as good or even better than regular gifts! When gifting presents it’s also important to consider eco-friendly packaging options so that could be using scrap paper, cloth or a reusable tote bag like our Monty Tote Bag.

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Special composters can also pre-order a Monty here.

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