Sustainable startups, high-tech heroes edition

Sustainable startups, high-tech heroes edition

There are thousands of startups out there creating sustainable solutions but some are really taking it to the next level with their tech. From water to waste, here are the latest and greatest sustainable startups that are using groundbreaking technologies to solve the world’s biggest problems.

1. The Great Bubble Barrier

Only a few weeks ago, we did a post on how plastic was a major waste issue but we feel slightly better about it after finding out about The Great Bubble Barrier. As far as high-tech goes, TGBB is an ingenious solution to getting plastics out of our waterways without damaging marine ecosystems or disrupting shipping.

It’s exactly what it sounds like - a vented tube is laid on the bottom of a waterway and pumped with air. Bubbles rise from the tube, directing plastic up and into a catchment area for removal and safe disposal.

A simple yet brilliant bubble solution.

2. Desolenator

Most of us have never experienced water insecurity, but it’s something that affects billions of people around the world and with climate change, it’s only getting worse. Desalination has been looked to but it’s highly polluting and expensive … or at least it was.

Desolenator is changing that. Their innovative, modular, solar-thermal desalination technology can make any water drinkable, whether it's from the ocean or polluted by arsenic. With two live trials currently running, we can’t wait to watch them disrupt the water crisis.

3. Field Factors

Speaking of water, a big reason why it’s in trouble is that we waste so much of it! Our urban environments and cities have disrupted natural water cycles, leading to problems both up- and down-stream (pardon the pun). The solution to this lies in decentralised water treatment, management and supply and Field Factors is making it a reality.

With a team of multi-disciplinary experts, Field Factors have developed their Bluebloqs technology that can allow cities to integrate the natural water cycle into their infrastructure. Using subsurface aquifers, biofilters and a whole lot more, this is truly tech for good.

4. SkyCool Systems

As global warming gets worse, global cooling demands are going to rise, even though it’s already responsible for 8% of global emissions! Thankfully, sustainable startup SkyCool Systems is solving this problem using one of our most renewable resources - the sky!

SkyCool have developed a super sci-fi material that actually cools itself down under direct sunlight. This has numerous applications they're implementing, including improving air-conditioning efficiency and cooling solar panels.

5. Okra Solar

Sustainable solutions can help not only the environment but also the disadvantaged people who depend on it. Our last high-tech hero is an Aussie startup bringing solar electricity to remote, “last-mile communities” with its modular, solar, smart-grid solution.

Okra has elevated existing technologies into a complete game-changer for the developing world, with the potential to bring electricity to over a billion people. Most importantly though, its all clean, green and fully sustainable.


A lot of people say technology is going to save us and with these five startups it definitely seems like the case. But it’s also important to remember that we need to change more than what we use to stop the climate crisis - we need to change what we do as individuals.

Technology is only part of the solution. In our case, we use the best possible sensors, analytics and software in our compost monitoring system but we still need everyone to take the first step with collecting and composting their organic waste.

If you want to see more sustainable startups, check out our previous waste warriors edition here. If you're keen to stay on top of our product development, check out our socials here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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