The Monty Compost Classroom Competition

The Monty Compost Classroom Competition

🏫 🍄We have something super exciting to share with our compost community! 🏫 🍄

We just launched our latest and greatest compost competition! The Monty Compost Classroom Competition! 🏫 📚 🎉

So what is The Monty Compost Classroom Competition? (TMCC for short). 

Our goal is to get schools, students, and educators involved with composting, improve their skills, teach new knowledge and compete for the title and top prize of Class Compost Champion! So that’s why we’ve created TMCC as an initiative to help reach our ultimate goal. 🌱 🌏 🧠 

When will the competition be held? 

Kicking off at the beginning of Term 4 from 17 October to 16 December, all of our Aussie School users will officially be taking on the compost challenge!
This winner will be receiving a major prize, to be announced at the beginning of Term 4, as well as media and public recognition of their commitment to technology, innovation and sustainability. How good is that?! 

Who can get involved?

Any school at any grade and any location in Australia can take part. We just need to have at least one teacher as the compost contact. 🧑‍🏫 🍎

Why a compost competition?

Composting as you all may already know is super, super important! Did you know that composting can offset a quarter of global emissions?! Incredible, right? This is why it’s so crucial to get everyone composting. That’s why we decided to make composting even more fun than it already is and host a composting competition!

Why is this competition only for schools?

Since this is a world-first composting competition we’re hosting, we wanted to start with our future generation - students! A school is the perfect place to facilitate compost education and activities. This is why a school competition will be the perfect place to start and really get the compost word out there! 

Why do I need to buy a Monty Monitor?

In order to record which school is the most committed to their compost and performing their composting to the best quality, we need some means of continuously measuring it. 

That’s where our Monty Monitor comes in! The compost monitoring system that uses advanced sensors to track and transmit your compost data. Along with our app Monty Mobile and custom competition Dashboard, purchasing a Monty will give you ongoing unlimited access to our entire digital ecosystem and features.

For schools where funding may not be available, Monty is also an eligible expense for several education grants so check out below whether those are applicable, as well as resources for organising community fundraising.

Sure, a big prize and promo is pretty good but getting your school involved in the Monty Compost Classroom Competition brings benefits well beyond this! Utilising a Monty system offers massive opportunities across education, sustainability and community that will continue even after the official competition ends. 

You might be wondering who you might be up against. We have schools from different locations who can’t wait for the competition to kick off! Arundle State School and Moonie State School are schools that we are stoked to have on board. If you’re looking for a chance to show off your composting skills and win, this is it! 🏆

We have more exciting news about the competition to come, so keep an eye out on our social channels to be the first to know the latest announcements! 👀

In the meantime, if you're a school wanting to participate, get a head start and order your Monty Monitor! 🏃

P.S. If you're in Brisbane and want to get involed you can get a $70 rebate off your Monty from the Brisbane City Council!


If you are an educational institute, business or company who wants to get involved, sponsor or donate to The Monty Compost Classroom Competition, please reach out to Phoebe Long at 📧

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