The Sustainable Super-Solution

The Sustainable Super-Solution

It’s awesome how much impact compost could have on the environment but we don’t talk nearly enough about all the other benefits it can bring to people and communities around the world. As if offsetting at least 5% of global emissions and growing our food supply wasn’t enough, compost is a super-solution to so many problems.

Get fit? Compost.

Make friends? Compost.

Start a business? Compost.

Here are a few of the main ways that the power of compost can make the world a better place.


Yes - compost can make you healthy. Okay so not like “curing cancer” levels but there are heaps of ways regular composting can improve your body and mind.

Like gardening, hiking and just being outdoors, composting can seriously improve your mental state. If you’ve got emails and exams up to your ears, are feeling low or can’t focus on anything, spending time with compost can reduce stress levels, improve mood and create a sense of clarity. Mindfulness is all the rage right now - do it through compost.

Similarly, regular interaction with the environment has proven physical benefits, such as boosting your immune system, increased disease resistance and healthier breathing. The microbial diversity of a compost pile enhances this even further.

Reaching 10,000 steps and using a standing desk are all ways people are trying to bring exercise into their daily activities and compost is just another one. In fact, composting burns 250-350 calories per hour! (Major props if you're spending that long on it).


Compost could be the next water cooler, a place to meet, share and bring people together from all walks of life. Composting is an awesome bonding experience, making the decomposition process more like an adventure with friends.

Being an environmentally-friendly activity, community composting encourages volunteering and other positive behavioural changes, which itself is even more rewarding. Countless prisons and rehabilitation centres have used compost as one of their community projects to great social success.

When you’re composting, you’re also getting a free education from nature. There’s always something new to learn with compost, from biology to systems analysis to sustainability.


Finally, are the major economic benefits of compost.

Around 60% of the municipal waste stream is organic, meaning that with composting, governments, businesses and individuals could literally cut their waste expenses in half. What’s more, the end product can be turned into an organic fertiliser to be sold and recirculated into the local economy, creating jobs and supporting industries.

We have no doubt that with all these benefits, every single one of us can and will be able to compost. We're doing our part to make this happen with our world-first compost monitoring device that makes it easy and efficient. Learn more by checking out our site and keep up with the latest by following our socials - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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