The weirdest things you can compost

The weirdest things you can compost

When the thought of composting comes to mind many may simply picture

kitchen scraps and lawn clippings but it doesn’t stop there!

You’d be surprised at all the weird, random junk you can add to your compost - from old clothes to homework, here are some of the things you may not have thought of composting.

1. Pet hair

Are you constantly cleaning up a never ending carpet of pet hair? Well why not put it to use! Pet hair is actually a great source of nitrogen and can be added to your compost bin just like any other food scrap, which hopefully makes sweeping it up a little more motivating.

2. Old Clothes

Have any clothes that are stained or too old to donate? There’s still a way you can put them to good use. Clothing made from 100% natural fibres like silk, cotton, bamboo and wool can all be composted! Just note, as amazing as composting is, chucking in a whole jumper may take a while so we do recommend you cut it up a bit first.

3. Stale food

Have a stale loaf of bread you forgot to seal up? We’ve all been there. Luckily, stale food is great for composting. Next time you have any stale bread or crackers, just add it to your compost bin.

4. Coffee Grounds

Got a slight addiction to coffee? It’s okay, we all do, but there’s a way to put that addiction to good use! Used coffee grounds have a similar nutrient value to animal manure so instead of chucking them in your bin, add them to your compost for some extra nitrogen!

5. Homework

Got a whole heap of homework? Paper based homework can be disposed of in the most satisfying way - composting it. Just make sure to exclude coloured or glossy paper and of course you can now say ‘the compost bin ate my homework’!

6. Cotton Balls and Q-Tips

Your bathroom may be full of compostable goodies you hadn’t thought of! Got any 100% cotton and cardboard Q-tips and cotton balls? If so, they can be chucked into your compost bin to make some beautiful compost!

There you have it - six random things you can compost! If that doesn’t get you excited then we don’t know what will so now’s the time to head to your local Bunnings, grab a compost bin and get started.

Add in our Monty Monitor and you will have the dream set up!

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