Top 3 compost moments of 2019

Top 3 compost moments of 2019

That’s a wrap on 2019, as well as a massive decade. As we move forward into the roaring 20s (2020s that is), it’s important to look back and reflect on everything that’s happened, particularly in the world of compost.

It’s been a big year for developments in the field (no pun intended) of compost. As the movement grows, more and more innovations, ideas and inventions are being released and new discoveries are being made. It’s been hard to choose what our absolute favourite was but here’s the top three.

1. Legalising human composting

Okay so this one is pretty polarising but we thought it was at least one of the most notable compost stories of this year. Until 2019 we only had two (legal) options once we reached end-of-life - cremation or burial. Now you’ve got one more - composting!

From an environmental perspective, choosing composting over traditional methods is unequivocally better. It doesn’t emit emissions, require noxious and polluting chemicals and creates a valuable soil amendment that can be used however the individual’s friends and families so choose.


Whether you want your remains to nourish an avocado tree or a rose bush, human composting is a complete paradigm shift to a super important part of life - the end of it. Check out how startup Recompose is redefining funerals using compost here.

2. 19 years of compost

Hard to believe that it’s now been almost 20 years since 2000 but it was the year that a certain study kicked off that just finished this year. The intensive study involved taking soil cores up to 3m deep on land with and without compost applied and ... wow, was it worth the wait!

One of our biggest challenges with emissions is taking what we’ve already produced out of the air but this study proved that we’ve already got an incredible, affordable solution … compost! The soil with compost applied increased carbon content by 0.7% over the study’s duration, compared to the non-compost soil. While this doesn’t sound like much at first, considering how much soil there is, it offers huge potential for carbon sequestration.

With evidence such as this now available, supporting compost has never been easier.

3. Composting cities

It’s hard to start composting, especially if you don’t have the space, the time or any idea how to. That’s why it’s so awesome when cities start to offer three-bin systems, where they provide collection services for food organics and garden organics (FOGO).

And this year’s been a landslide.

Around the world, 2019 has seen dozens of councils and local governments implement FOGO programs for their residents. One of the most notable is Auckland, continuing New Zealand’s global leadership on waste reduction and climate change action. Citizens and businesses can now have their separated organics collected for a far more sustainable composting alternative to landfill.

While organics collection isn’t quite as effective as on-site composting, it’s an incredible step in the direction of cleaner, more circular world.

We hope you liked our top three compost moments of 2019 and we’d love to hear from you about any of your favourites! Stay posted in 2020 on our socials - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn - for more weekly blogs on the best sustainability, technology and compost content.

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