Two things that will transform your garden

Two things that will transform your garden

Gardening and composting go hand in hand. That’s why two Australian companies have developed the tools needed to make things easier for everyone. Monty Compost Co and Flexi Garden Frames are committed to sustainability and making things easier and more efficient for everyone. 

These two companies have launched their world first, Australian made products in an effort to make things more efficient and easier for everyone. By using these two products, you are contributing to a sustainable future. 

Flexi Garden Frames are a lightweight and durable garden frame used to provide support for growing beams while their unique frame provides the perfect place to put protective netting over. 

Monty Compost Co has created Monty Monitor, a compost monitoring device that combines composting with smart technology to increase decomposition efficiency and promote healthy composting. Paired with their free mobile app, users can view detailed insights from Monty Monitor on their phone. 

Monty Monitor and Flexi Garden Frames increase health and productivity within gardens. Investing in your garden can help you save money and time long term and produce guaranteed results, no matter what outcome you are aiming for. 

It is important that we continue to develop new technologies for a sustainable future as well as supporting existing Australian businesses. 

Flexi Garden Frames and Monty Monitor can help you elevate your garden and help you become more sustainable. 

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