What kind of composter are you?

What kind of composter are you?

One of the things we love most about composters is how unique they all are. From location to lifestyle, feedstock to fertiliser use, vented containers to windrow piles, there are so many ways composters differ. But there are also ways that they’re the same.

While there’s no single type of composter, many share motivations and reasons for their composting. Here are the top five we see the most.

Daily devotee

You make a lot of waste and you want a lot of fertiliser so you do a lot of composting. Your backyard is big, maybe even a property, maybe even a farm! Compost is a vital part of your outdoor operation so rain, hail or shine, you’re out there balancing and turning it. You may not be doing it every single day but we wouldn’t be surprised if you were.

Weekend warrior

You might love the environment, love your garden or just hate waste but whichever it is you’ve turned to compost. You’re busy though - working, family, studying, friends, it all gets a bit much sometimes and you can’t afford to be thinking about your compost 24/7. So you’re a weekend warrior, collecting up the organics throughout your frantic week and squeezing in a Sunday compost sesh.

Community champ

Everyone knows that you’re the compost champion. Whether it’s at a public garden, a workplace or even your own backyard, you’ve taken it upon yourself to ensure everyone in your community can compost. You know a lot of people still need to learn that their plastic bags can’t be composted and eggshells need to be crushed but you’re such a champ that you take it all in stride.

Rookie recycler

You’re the new kid on the block. You’ve scrolled through all the blogs, watched all the Youtube how-to videos and you’ve got all your compost gear set-up. You know you’re going to make mistakes, there may be some odours, it’ll probably take a while but you’re committed to making your compost happen.

Novice newbie

You don’t actually know much about composting. You know your parents did it, there’s a bin involved and it can smell super bad sometimes but you've also heard some pretty amazing things about it. You know it can recycle organic waste, be used to restore soil health, massively reduce emissions and so much more. You want to give it a go so whether you’re hitting up Google, visiting your local Community Champ or reading this post, you’re keen to explore the wonderful world of compost!

So, which one are you?

Every composter is different and that makes their compost different and that makes knowing how to compost pretty confusing. That’s why we’re making it easy for everyone. Our Monty monitoring device and mobile platform can generate management instructions customised to you, whatever kind of composter you are.

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