Why every composter needs to check out our Monty Conservatory

Why every composter needs to check out our Monty Conservatory

Often find yourself spending heaps of time searching the web for compost information, products or guides? Wouldn’t it be a dream to have all that information curated and available in one place?

Our app’s Conservatory does exactly that!

From having information over 100 types of organic to providing a virtual compost marketplace, our Conservatory feature gives you endless compost content. It’s basically a specially curated page in our app that contains everything you need to start, learn or improve your composting experience. We made the Conservatory because we found that as composters even we struggled with getting the right information which is how we knew we had to make this feature for users.

Now let’s delve into each section of this feature and why it’s so useful:

1. Blogs and forum

This section features blogs and forums filled to the brim with information from various compost websites. From 5 easy steps to composting at home to how compost improves soil structure, there’s plenty to read to keep you entertained.

2. Articles and e-books

Want to know a bit more about the science behind composting? This category is jam packed full of credible articles and e-books backed by scientific research that you’re guaranteed to learn heaps from.

3. Shop

This is where you can go to find any compost equipment you could possibly need! Compost bins? Batch of 1000 worms? It’s the place for all composters to shop!

4. Instagram

We love supporting other compost and environmental Instagram accounts like ours so this section showcases other pages so if you like us, you’ll definitely like them.

5. Facebook

Want to connect with other like-minded people? Our Facebook section provides you with links to various compost and environmental groups.

6. Organics

We shifted through all these scientific reports so you don’t have too! Finding the organic information about anything is challenging but luckily we’ve researched, documented and collated over 100 common compost items.

7. Add your own

Here you can submit a request for anything you’d like to see so we can continue building and making Monty the app for every kind of composter!

8. Saved list

See something you like and want to save it for later? Just favourite the post and you can revisit it in your saved list at any time!

And there you have 8 reasons why you should download the Monty Mobile app and head over to our Compost Conservatory! Because what’s better than having everything you need at the tip, or rather the tap, of your fingers!

For IOS users you can download the app here and for Android users you can download it here.

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Special composters can also pre-order a Monty here.


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