Why everything we package our products in is compostable

Why everything we package our products in is compostable

As a compost company, it’s super important everything we do is aligned with our sustainability mission. That’s why we package and ship out our Monty tote bag using all compostable materials.

From our mailer bags to tape, it can all be added to your compost bin once you receive your bag! So here’s what we use and the difference it makes:

1. We start by wrapping the bag in brown paper which takes 4 to 6 weeks to break down as opposed to the 450 years plastic packaging takes.

2. Then we tape it all together using eco tape from Heaps Good which takes 60 days to decompose in commercial compost, instead of a whooping 500 to 1000 years that plastic tape takes. Want some for yourself? You can check out their eco tape here.

3. Once it’s taped up, we pop it into our Heaps Good mailer bag that breaks down within 190 days in a home compost instead of the 500 years that plastic mailers take. To grab some of Heaps Good’s mailer bags, just head to this link here.

4. Lastly, we stick on a shipping label which will be gone within 90 - 120 days, rather than the regular labels that usually go straight to landfill.

Once you’ve taken out your Monty tote bag, just add the packaging to your compost bin and soon it’ll all be broken down. And what’s cooler than the fact that the tote bag you get is also compostable so once it’s finally exceeded its use you can just add it to your compost bin too!

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Special composters can also pre-order a Monty here.

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