Why would you want a Monty Monitor?

Why would you want a Monty Monitor?

Tis’ the season to get… composting!

Grab the egg-nog, fill up your stockings, and start wrapping up all your gifts. But, don’t forget to grab your Monty Monitor and start your compost.

Don’t have one? Well, here’s why you should buy one this Christmas for your friends and family and get them the gift that keeps on giving.

Contrary to common belief, composting doesn’t need you to be a total green thumb. In fact, it's as easy as sticking your Monty Monitor into your compost and downloading the Monty Mobile app. The Monty Monitor sends real data in real-time to your phone so you can see exactly how your compost is doing at any given time. 

Sounds boring? Monty Compost Co has made traditional composting heaps more fun for the whole family. With Monty you can… 

  • Create a digital profile and see where you sit with composters around Australia. 
  • Unlock special achievements when you complete composting goals 
  • Browse a carefully curated compost conservatory 


It doesn’t just stop there. Here at Monty, we believe in a community where anyone and everyone is welcome to share ideas, conversations and tips with each other. With the Monty app, connect with a like-minded community where you can shop, share and learn all from the comfort of your phone. 


Every Christmas, it is estimated that the environmental footprint of an average person totals approximately 650kg in CO2 emissions. For a typical family, that’s as much as an elephant weighs! What’s worse? Realising that over the entirety of Christmas, over 5 million tonnes of food ends up in landfill, rotting and killing the environment. 


To the average person composting might not look like the solution to the world’s climate problems, but the reality is that composting might be one of the best ways to help fight this climate war. 


The United Nations Environment Programme quoted that,


by reducing food waste, composting also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that affect climate change. Food loss and waste generate an estimated 8-10 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions while using land and water resources increasingly put pressure on biodiversity.

Monty Monitor isn’t just another gadget, it’s the solution.

A solution to food waste that YOU can help us share.

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