Work out your Waste at Work

Work out your Waste at Work

So you’ve checked out what we’re doing and you’re (obviously) super keen to start composting, offsetting your global impact and just generally being a really awesome human. Then you look at your calendar and see that you’ve got a million things planned this week. Then you walk outside and see how tiny your apartment balcony is.

These sorts of problems affect so many people and prevent them from joining the composting movement at home but there are ways around them. The easiest - don’t do it at home! Whether it’s an office, workshop, school or anywhere you spend a lot of your time, you can get recycling your organics in any of them.

Want to get started? You’ve got two options:

Compost It Yourself

If your daily work spot has a refuse area or outdoor space, it could be absolutely perfect to set up your own composting operation. There are just a few little considerations that need to be made.

Firstly, the initial set-up will require a place that’s well-ventilated (even the best compost needs to breathe), accessible and with enough space for at least two containers.

Once that’s all sorted, it'll needs a few minutes management a day being balanced and turned and around an hour every batch for removal. This could be anywhere between a month to a year though (depending on how fast you’ve got it going).

There heaps of benefits of doing it yourself, including being able to manage a higher capacity of waste, especially good in those bigger workplaces. If you’ve been struggling to break the ice as well, it's also exceptional at building up a community.

Unfortunately, it will take a bit of effort in setting up and managing it. Fortunately though, companies will often provide funding support and with just a little effort from everyone, it can be a breeze.

If this doesn’t quite work for your work though, there’s still another way!

Collect It Yourself

Literally anywhere can do this. You take any closable container (think an old bin, unused Tupperware) to collect everyone’s organic waste. Once it’s full, you either transport it yourself to a local community compost operation or sort out a pick-up service.

There are heaps of both - publicly available compost set-ups and small businesses that offer collection services throughout cities so just have a Google of your area.

Pro-tip: If you want to stretch out time between drop-offs and you’ve got room for it, pop your waste container in the fridge or freezer. It pretty much stops decomposition and any funky smells that might come along.

This option is super simple, with the only downsides being you need a close-ish community compost otherwise you need a little bit of cash out. It really is such a small price to pay though for getting your organics out of landfill and becoming part of the waste revolution.

The best upside is that our monitoring system can help with both! We deliver complete, step-by-step guides to set-up your own composting or can connect you with community composters and people to take your waste.

So which one’s right for you? Need more info to get started? Let us know, make sure you're subscribed and hit follow on our socials - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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