Compost in the classroom

With some of our earliest school users, we've created an initiative to get even more educators involved in composting.

Any Australian school of any grade can take part to help their students learn more about compost, biology, sustainability and so many more curriculum areas.

Why waste is so great for your school

  • Engaging Education

    It can be hard to get kids excited and engaged about learning. The latest in education studies have shown that both digital tech and outdoor teaching enhance interest and retention in class.

  • Sustainable Schooling

    An on-campus compost is an affordable, easy way to recycle your schools food waste and generate high-quality organic fertiliser that offsets both costs and emissions.

  • Long-term Learning

    The data, software and hardware of a Monty system can be used by any grade and across areas of STEM, sustainability and practical skills - a flexible, adaptible tool for every teacher and student.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

  • Order Your Monty Monitor

    To participate in the competition, you'll need to purchase and have received a Monty Monitor. You can easily do this here with our easy-to-order online store.

    Order here 
  • Set Your School's Compost Up

    Next, make sure that your school has a compost heap set up somewhere on campus that you can use. Any type or size is fine, whether it's a bin, tumbler or bay.

  • Create a Monty Mobile Account

    On any smartphone, download the Monty Mobile app, create an account for your school's compost and start using it to get ready for the competition to start!

Common Questions

Why do I need to buy a Monty Monitor?

To get the most out of your compost learning, we need to track it. Enter Monty Monitor, our compost monitoring system that uses advanced sensors to measure and transmit your compost data, along with our app Monty Mobile.

Where funding may not be available, Monty is an eligible expense for several education grants so check out whether those are applicable, as well as resources for organising community fundraising.

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Who's running the program and why?

Monty Compost Co is a Brisbane-based startup working to bring exciting new technologies to the world of compost.

After working with a number of awesome schools and their compost, we came up with the idea of a competition to inspire others to get composting into their curriculum and campus. We're incredibly passionate about this mission and are super keen for you to join us.

Meet the team