What our waste is emitting

Up to 14.2% of total global emissions could be cut by composting.

By recycling our organics back into our agricultural systems, we could stop all the emissions associated with waste production, reduce our dependence on chemical fertilizers and make the world a more circular place.

How things are now

We can end harmful chemical fertilizers, pesticides and soil degradation because what we need is right in front of us, or rather, in our bins. Composting is a simple and low-cost solution to give food waste another purpose and use those nutrients to grow new, healthy crops.

How compost can fix it

Rather than letting uneaten food and garden clippings rot in landfills, we can responsibly recycle organic waste through the power of composting. This transforms the current way of waste into one that provides heaps of benefits for us and the earth.

Where Monty comes in

We founded Monty to solve these issues by combining technology with composting to fast track and facilitate a healthy decomposition process. After years of research and testing, Monty Monitor is ready for compost systems of all shapes and sizes across the globe.

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