Working with you

We know that not all piles are the same. That's why Monty can adapt to any sort of organics, whether it's an open bay or closed bin.

Compost pile to mobile

No need for manual readings - Monty Monitor automatically sends critical compost data by Bluetooth straight from your pile to our app.

Set and forget

Your waste doesn't stop decomposing for a second so we don't stop either. Except for charging and turning, Monty can track your compost 24/7.

Built to last

Monty has been thoroughly tested to endure the harsh compost conditions and track the decomposition of your organics from start to finish.

Australia made

Monty has been designed, developed and built by a passionate team of Aussie creators with sustainability and local work in front of mind.

Inside Monty Monitor


Height • 28.4 cm

Width • 9.5 cm

Weight • 0.585 kgs


Temperature ºC

Air moisture %

VOC gasses


Qi wireless charging

4-6 week battery life



Connect With Monty Mobile

Monty Mobile is the digital interface between you and your compost.

It connects to your Monitor via Bluetooth, uploads all its data and performs our super smart analysis on it, along with dozens of other features. Available for free on both Android and iOS and usable with or without our Monitor, it is the most comprehensive app available for all composters.

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  • Profile

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Still curious?

How do I use it?

Monty Monitor is the probe that collects all the health data from your compost. It works together with the Monty Mobile app that sends the collected data into our cloud database for further analysis to translate your data into actionable insights.

How do you turn it on?

There is no 'ON/OFF' button on the monitor. Simply charge it up and you will be able to connect right away. Once connected, data that has been collected will sync to the Monty Mobile app when you log on. It is important to sync your data regularly to ensure accurate readings.

How is it charged?

Monty Monitor is charged using a wireless charger. A single charge will last around 1-2 months in your compost.

How can it help my compost?

If you've ever had a compost gone wrong and had no idea how to fix it Monty Monitor will sense and notify you before things go south. You can view the full breakdown of your compost with Monty Monitor through the Monty Mobile app. We're on a mission to help everyone compost more effectively and efficiently with Monty Monitor.

How can I learn more?

For answers to all your most frequently asked questions, check out our dedicated FAQ page here or get in touch directly here.

Available now for all composters