A world-first contest for Aussie schools to show off their compost skills and win big!

The Details

Everything you need to know to get involved



The competition is an initiative to get schools involved in composting, learn new skills and knowledge and compete for the prize of Class Compost Champion!



Participation will take place over Term 4 2022, kicking off on the 17th October and running until the 16th December when winners are announced.



Any school at any grade and any location in Australia can take part - you just need at least one lead contact that we can contact.

How to Join

Sign your school up in 3 simple steps

  • To participate in the competition, you'll need to purchase and have received a Monty Monitor. You can easily do this here with our easy-to-order online store.

    Order Your Monty Monitor

    Order Your Monty Monitor

  • Next, make sure that your school has a compost heap set up somewhere on campus that you can use. Any type or size is fine, whether it's a bin, tumbler or bay.

    Set Your School's Compost Up

    Set Your School's Compost Up

  • On any smartphone, download the Monty Mobile app, create an account for your school's compost and start using it to get ready for the competition to start!

    Create a Monty Mobile Account

    Create a Monty Mobile Account


Why do I need to buy a Monty Monitor?

The Prize

What your school can win by being the best Aussie composter

The Host

Who is Monty Compost Co?

The Best Part

Why is it really worth it though?

Sure, a big prize and promo is pretty good but getting your school involved in the Monty Compost Classroom Competition brings benefits well beyond this. Utilising a Monty system offers massive opportunities across education, sustainability and community that will continue even after the official competition ends.

  • engaging education

    engaging education

    It can be hard to get kids excited and engaged about learning. The latest in education studies have shown that both digital tech and outdoor components enhance interest and retention in class.

  • sustainable schooling

    sustainable schooling

    An on-campus compost is an affordable, easy way to recycle your schools food waste and generate high-quality organic fertiliser that offsets both costs and emissions.

  • long-term learning tool

    long-term learning tool

    The data, software and hardware of a Monty system can be used by any grade and across areas of STEM, sustainability and practical skills - a flexible, adaptible tool for every teacher and student.

    What are you waiting for?

    Preparations for the Monty Classroom Compost Competition are already well underway so there's no reason to wait to get started. Our team is available for any inquiries, our tech is packed to send and your school is ready for a sustainable composting solution ... and maybe even a first place prize!