Monty Monitor for Schools

Monty Monitor for Schools

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We've had super sustainable success implementing Monty into a number of schools across South East Queensland but there are still so many more that could benefit from connected composting. Along with a pre-made lesson plan and workshop, there's no better way to grow young people's minds.

Buy a Monty for your own school or on behalf of another to help bring composting into the curriculum and grow young people minds.

  • In the box

    You'll be getting exclusive, first-in access to the full Monty package. This purchase includes: Monty Monitor Charging pad App access details User documentation Compost with Monty lesson plan Compost with Monty workshop outline

  • Tech specs

    Monitor Components: Monitoring module, stem Connectors: Twist-and-lock Dimensions: 28cm length, 8.5cm diametre Comms: Bluetooth Sensors: Temperature, humidity, volatile organic compounds Battery: 3-6 weeks Environmental requirements Operating temperature: 10-85ºC Relative humidity: Up to 100% Splash resistant Charge Type: Wireless Requirements: USB wall charger and outlet Time to charge: Up to 8 hours Indicators: External LEDs Environmental requirements: Not recommended for outside use Operating temperature: 10-40ºC Relative humidity: 5-95% Mobile Compatibility: iOS, Android System requirements: Bluetooth

  • Delivery

    We know you're keen to get composting with Monty but unfortunately delivery to your doorstep won't be due until March. While we're tested and is ready for action, there is still a fair bit of building, assembling and packaging to take place. Once you've ordered, we'll be sending out regular updates on your Monty's progress and in the meantime Monty Mobile is up on the app store and ready to use. If at any point you change your mind, we can issue a full refund. If you'd like to chat more about our pre-order process and timeline than send us through an email at any time.

  • Disclaimer

    Legal requirements ahead! Despite having completed a whole lot of testing and validation, there are still a few more formal certification sign-offs and manufacturing activities we will need before getting you your Monty. As such, we need to provide this official disclaimer for you to move ahead with your purchase. This is a product pre-order and does not guarantee a specific time of delivery. While every effort has been made in planning its production timeline and all orders will be fulfilled, many affecting factors that may delay it cannot be predicted. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us at any time.

  • Contact

    This is a lot to take in - being part of a world-first product launch can be pretty intense! That's why we're right here if you have questions at all about the product, pre-order process, purchase or any other areas. Email us here to get in touch with the team who can provide all the answers you need.