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Monty for Schools
Monty for Schools
Monty for Schools
Monty for Schools
Monty for Schools

Monty for Schools

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Be one of the first schools in the world to teach with the next generation of smart composting. 

Monty for Schools is our educational version Monty Monitor, an Australia-made smart device system to support composters. Compatible with any small-scale compost, Monty Monitor can help you understand composting better, explore its emissions data, communicate key scientific process and so much more.

Under design, development and testing for almost 4 years, Monty Monitor is finally available for general sale to schools across Australia and select countries on special request.

Monty for School is a complete game changer for early, primary and secondary education alike. With limited stock, they won't last long so take this opportunity now to elevate your schools education through the power of compost.

  • What’s Included

    Monty for Schools includes everything needed for a school who is new to or already composting to get started in monitoring and managing their waste. Get ready to take your compost your compost to the next level with our all-in-one kit, including: Monty Monitor Wireless Charging Pad Charging Cable App Access User Documentation

  • Features

    • Composting Your Way We know that all composting is different and so are all schools. That's why we've developed a host of mobile features to use with your Monty Monitor so you have freedom to teach compost however you want. • See What's Under the Surface Ever wondered about the biological and scientific processes that occur inside compost to makes it break down? With your Monty Monitor, you can see data insights at a microscopic level to show real-time waste and emissions prevention. • Odours? Pests? Speed? Solved If you've ever experienced problems with breaking down your waste and don't know why, consider them solved. Based on Monty Monitor's data, we've developed a cutting-edge analysis model to transform these into customised compost management insights you can share with students. • Easy for Everyone Get set-up, get customised and get composting! Compost is confusing enough and your classes are busy enough already so we've made sure that the user process is as simple as possible to navigate. • Exclusive Access We're always pretty busy here at Monty but never for our community. By getting a Monitor, you'll have direct access to our team's expertise, feedback and support. • Be Part of Compost History Monty Monitor is literally the world's first and only compost monitoring system available to schools. If you've ever wanted to help shape a completely new technology, now is your chance.

  • Tech Specs

    Monitor Components: Monitoring Device and Stem Connector: Twist-and-Lock Dimensions: 28cm long and 8.5cm across Transmission: Bluetooth Sensors: Temperature, Humidity and Volatile Organic Compounds Battery: 3-6 weeks Indicators: External LED Operational Requirements Operating Temperature: 10-85ºC Relative Humidity: Up to 100% IP Rating: Splash Resistant Charger Type: Wireless Requirements: USB Wall Charger Charge Time: 1-4 hours Operating temperature: 10-40ºC Mobile Compatibility: iOS and Android System Requirements: Bluetooth

  • Delivery

    We know you're keen to get your class composting with Monty which is why we can now commit to delivery within a maximum of two weeks from date of purchase. To make the deal even sweeter, shipping is included free and if at any point you change your mind, we can issue a full refund. Once you've ordered, we'll be sending out regular updates on your Monty's progress and in the meantime Monty Mobile is up on the app store and ready to use.

  • Disclaimer

    Legal requirements ahead! Despite having completed a whole lot of validation, Monty Monitor is still a highly novel technology. As such, we need to provide this official disclaimer for you to move ahead with your purchase. While every effort has been made in testing, there is a small chance that your Monty may experience issues that require repair or replacement. In these cases we are committed to supporting you in getting back to composting with Monty. If you have any questions regarding our legals, please refer to our Terms & Conditions at checkout or feel free to contact us at any time.