Monty Update for Lightning-Fast Compost Insights!

Monty Update for Lightning-Fast Compost Insights!

Hello, incredible composters 👋 

We're excited to bring you some great news about an update to Monty that will massively improve your user experience. We know you've been patiently waiting through our various releases, and trust us, it's worth the wait!

🔄 Data in Progress: What's happening behind the scenes?

We recently released a new version of Monty Mobile that has a couple of cool new features! 

In this new version, on the main dashboard and when connected to your Monty Monitor, the data syncing bar now has a timer. Once synced, the three data icons will now update to include the text “New data is being analysed”.

Finally, the data charts will also contain the text “Data Is Being Analysed. Your latest data is in the hands of our compost algorithm! It should only take a few minutes so look out for our notification”. 

Once your data has been processed, all the charts and icons will be updated as normal. You'll also receive a notification so you can view all your exciting compost recommendations.

The reason why we’ve added these features is to provide transparency over the Monty data connection process. Right now, Monty Monitor sends data to your phone then to our database. Once there, we process your compost data before presenting it in your charts. Our compost algorithm scans for those vital points of interest that make your compost journey unique. 

🐢 Why the delay?

When we first launched Monty, the process was almost instantaneous!

However, with the influx of amazing composters like yourself, our small team faced a challenge. The sheer volume of data slowed down the complete process needed to visualise and analyse your data, stretching the wait time to any from two to ten minutes depending on the number of users online at that time.


🚀 Monty Monitor Update: Faster Than Ever!

We've heard your feedback on the issues with this wait time and thankfully we're excited to announce an upcoming update for your Monty Monitor device itself. This will allow you to view your compost data in seconds rather than minutes so you can get back into your pile immediately.

Unfortunately due to the complexity of this solution, it will take us to around late January to have the solution fully tested and ready for you. In the meantime, you can still use all of Monty’s amazing features but you’ll just sometimes experience that brief delay.

🙏 Thank You for Your Patience!

As a small but dedicated team, your patience means the world to us. We're so grateful for the incredible community of composters who have joined the Monty family, especially as a brand-new, world-first product like ours.


🌿 Stay Compostastic!

We hope you’re as excited as we are for Monty’s next upgrade and we can't wait to get you composting at the speed of light!

Happy composting as always 💚

Team Monty 

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