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Buzzword of the Year: Circular Economy

Buzzword of the Year: Circular Economy

You’ve probably heard about it before, seen it in a headline or thrown it into conversation as a random buzzword. We all kind of, maybe...

CompostingHow Compost Can Solve The Climate Crisis

How Compost Can Solve The Climate Crisis

What are the best solutions you can think of to climate change? Odds are renewable energy and electric cars were in there somewhere and...

CompostingA Brief History of Compost

A Brief History of Compost

The future is an exciting place, full of wonder and innovation and excitement. There could be flying cars, robot assistants, brain...

TechnologyHow Monty’s PCB are Made

How Monty’s PCB are Made

Recently, the team here at Monty visited our local PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturer Hetch, and we wanted to share all the cool things we learned about the process of how our PCBs are made! ...