Sustainable Halloween Ideas

Sustainable Halloween Ideas

Spooky Season is almost here! But celebrating any holiday creates a lot of waste. Sadly, Halloween is one of them due to individually wrapped candy, plastic decorations, and costumes that are only worn once. Yearly holidays filled with plastic decorations make it hard to lead a sustainable lifestyle. Don’t worry, there are ways you can reduce your waste while celebrating your favourite holiday. So let’s have a look at how to have a sustainable Halloween. 


Dressing up for Halloween may be the best part. However, purchasing a new Halloween costume every year is expensive and wasteful. Consider hiring a costume or putting together a costume with things you already have. If these options aren’t available to you, you can consider wearing someone else's costume from another year. This is an even better idea for the little ones who grow out of their costumes. You can host a costume swap with other families to get the most out of a costume that would have otherwise been worn once. 

For Trick or Treater’s, a free and easy way to get a trick or treat bag is by making your own! You could even make it a part of your costume by following this costume hack. Take a pillow case and tie it onto a stick. You’ve just made your own bindle! Fill your newly created bindle with candy throughout the night and wash the pillowcase when you’re done with it. Stylish and sustainable! 


You don’t need to go out and buy a brand new bowl to store your trick or treat candy in! Try and work your bowl into your home's Halloween theme. Having a Bewitched Halloween? Why not a glass or crystal bowl? Bring out your funky fruit bowls and use things that you already have at home. It’s a great way to make use of that random bowl you never use! Plus it saves you money! 

Let your imagination run wild this Halloween and DIY your decorations. You can make DIY decorations by using old stockings, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, tissue paper and other things around your house. Utilise your sheets and hang them up making ghosts or a mad scientist’s lab! Halloween-ify your mop or broom by adding sticks to make it look like a witches broom. Make a fake zombie hand using paper or any other materials and make it come out of a pot of soil. How scary! The kids will also love helping out with making decorations! Talk about witch-crafty! Sorry…


Carving a pumpkin is a fun and easy Halloween activity! Instead of throwing away the insides of the pumpkin, you could use the flesh of the pumpkin for a pie, puree, or soup. When Halloween is over, remember to compost your Jack-O-Lantern rather than throwing it into the bin. No need to paint your Jack-O-Lantern either! Let’s keep it simple. 


If you’re hosting a Halloween party why don’t you challenge yourself on making it low-waste and plastic free! You can do this by making your own Halloween themed party treats. Keep reading for ideas that would make your party a hit.

Make a Spooky Charcuterie board! You can use walnuts as brains, pistachios as fingernails, macadamias as teeth, sultanas and olives as eyes and so much more! There’s a lot of great photos to use as inspiration on how to set out your board on Pinterest.

For the bakers out there Halloween themed baked goods are always an awesome idea. Due to COVID-19 and allergy reasons, homemade goods are not recommended as a trick or treater’s treat. When shopping for Halloween candy opt for foil and paper wrapped candy so that they are easily recyclable. 

Remember to compost any leftovers! This also includes any paper and cardboard that may have been used during Halloween! Any organic material from Halloween can be composted. 


We hope you enjoyed reading about how you can have a sustainable Halloween! You might even learn some hacks to use during the Christmas Holidays. Whether you’re hosting your own party, attending one or having a quiet Halloween at home. Being festive doesn’t mean you need to ditch sustainability! Any of these tips can be taken and made into your own with a little bit of creativity. Time to get spooky and crafty, Happy Halloween! 


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