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How It Works

Smart, sustainable composting

  • 24/7 composting emissions monitoring

    24/7 composting emissions monitoring

    Our world-first compost smart monitor continuously tracks your compost’s health data.

  • cutting-edge custom data analysis

    cutting-edge custom data analysis

    We analyse this to generate simple management tips to get you composting like a pro.

  • entertainment and  education

    entertainment and education

    Our app provides every possible feature you could need to stay engaged while composting.

How It Works

Monty Monitor

Monty Mobile,

a fresh, free way to compost from your phone


How Monty Mobile can help you compost



Monty can be set up to work with any kind of compost, from small, backyard bins to large, commercial operations.



With a database of over 100 unique organic nutrient profiles, our in-app analytics are more advanced than any other compost software.



We turn your data into custom insights about your compost, along with a conservatory of content catered to exactly what you waste.

Our Composters

How Monty helps people with their compost

  • "I was already composting heaps every day but Monty has helped me to do it better and faster."

    Louise O Sunshine Coast

    Louise O Sunshine Coast

  • "My compost journey started when I was a kid so I’m super pumped my Monty is giving me results."

    Hannah C Brisbane

    Hannah C Brisbane

  • "Monty confirms what I already know and all the ways I can improve it. For me, it’s the whole package."

    Dean S Toowoomba

    Dean S Toowoomba

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