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How it works

A simple solution for every kind of composter

Monty Monitor

Monty Monitor

Monty Mobile

Monty Mobile

How Monty works with you

  • Fast, clean and easy

    Fast, clean and easy

    We analyse your data to generate simple management instructions to get you composting like a pro.

  • Games and goals

    Games and goals

    With achievements and rankings to show off your compost skills, we make composting fun.

  • Educating and engaging

    Educating and engaging

    We’ve curated the best content for everything you’ve ever needed to know about expert composting.

About us

Who is the Monty team

Monty Compost Co is a company with a mission to get everyone, everywhere composting. With a top-tier team of committed composters we’re working to transform the way we waste.

"I was already composting heaps but Monty has helped me to do it better and faster."

With Monty, composting can be easier than ever, through instructions anyone can understand.
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Louise, Sunshine Coast

"My compost journey started when I was a kid so I’m super pumped my Monty is giving me results."

From young to old and perfect for families, Monty turns old-school composting super cool.
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Hannah, Brisbane @thewormmonger

"Monty confirms what I already know and how I can improve it. For me, it’s the whole package."

Even if you've been a composter for years, Monty can help make your operation bigger and better
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Dean, Ipswich