Monty Compost Kits

We've collaborated with Maze Compost to provide you with a compost kit to support your organic waste recycling journey 🪱 💚 
Select your composter, add Monty Monitor and save $20

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Compost Bin 220 LitreCompost Bin
Compost Bin 220L Sale price$79.00 AUD
400L Compost BinAerobin 400L Compost Bin
Aerobin 400L Sale price$469.00 AUD
Compost Tumbler 180Lcompost tumbler and monitor
Compost Tumbler 180L Sale price$179.00 AUD
Compost Tumbler 245LCompost Tumbler 245L
Compost Tumbler 245L Sale price$269.00 AUD
Hungry BinHungry Bin worm farm
Hungry Bin Sale price$399.00 AUD
Compost Monitor in Compost PileMonty Monitor
Monty Monitor Sale price$199.00 AUD