Our story

How we got Monty to where we are today


2018, coming up with the Monty concept

The idea of a tool to optimise the composting process is conceptualised by our founder Ash Baxter following months of research.


2019, launching Monty Compost Co

Monty is accepted into the ilab Accelerator program to develop prototypes, validate the tech, meet the market and officially launch off.


2020, Monty's first MVP

Release of the MVP Monty Monitor and app is executed and delivered to the doorstep of Australia's most committed composters.


2021, feedback, growth and kicking goals

With fresh feedback from our first release, a final device redesign and a plan for the future, Monty is ready to go for our upcoming full release.


2022, mass manufacture and market

After years of development, research and company growth, the first manufactured Montys will be available in July for full purchase.

Team Monty

Our key people

The superstars driving Monty Compost Co are sustainable startup professionals.

Our in-house crew handling the day-to-day is made up of founder Ash, business dev Phoebe, product owner Junior and content creator Emilie, who all just can't get enough of compost. Between marketing meetings, user testing and strategy sessions, they also love getting up to mid-week meditation, team trivia and fun snack days.

  • Ashley Baxter

    Ashley Baxter


    Ash is leading Monty from her obsession with compost and an international background in Business Management and technology development.

  • Phoebe Long

    Phoebe Long


    With a Laws background, waste industry insights and professional services experience, Phoebe has all the acumen needed for our operations.

  • Junior Joyce

    Junior Joyce


    Junior's extensive expertise and experience across all areas tech make him the ideal customer evangelist to drive the development of Monty.

  • Emilie Pomeroy

    Emilie Pomeroy


    Creating content and managing communications about composting isn't easy but Emilie ensures all our social, PR, media and more bases are covered.

  • Luis Woodrow

    Luis Woodrow


    With dual degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, Luis has driven the development of Monty's core compost analysis.

  • Aninda Saha

    Aninda Saha


    Part-time Machine Learning PhD Candidate, part-time cutting-edge compost analytics, Aninda is across all our data, software and firmware systems.

Team Monty

Our product partners

Creating a world-first compost management system is no simple feat. That's why we're working with world-class product designers and developers to make sure the Monty Monitor and Monty Mobile are made by the best in the business. Check out our key product partners here and click through to see the rest of their portfolios.

  • Clandestine Design Group

    Clandestine Design Group

    Building an unbreakable monitoring device isn't easy so we're working with some of Australia's top industrial designers through the Clandestine team.

  • Josephmark


    For creating a unique and innovative platform to connect people to their compost, there's no better digital design agency than the team at Josephmark.

  • Carbon Circuits

    Carbon Circuits

    Putting the electronic smarts into the Monty Monitor is seasoned industry expert and former Ellume-alum Alex Gilmour and his electrical engineering agency.

Contact Us

Get in touch

We love hearing from composters of all shapes and sizes, whether current or soon-to-be. If you want to know when we're hiring, compost investment opportunities, media inquiries or just what we're up to lately, send us a message below and we'll get back to you ASAP.