Sustainable School Holiday Activities

Sustainable School Holiday Activities
The school holidays are a perfect time to engage your kids in fun and eco-friendly activities. Here are four sustainable ideas to keep them entertained and educated:

1. Plant a Winter Garden

Gardening is a great way to connect kids with nature. In winter, you can plant vegetables and herbs like:

  • Broccoli
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Parsley

1. Choose a sunny spot or use pots.
2. Prepare soil with compost.
3. Plant seeds or seedlings.
4. Water regularly and involve kids in daily care.

2. Crafts with Recycled Materials

Crafting with recycled materials fosters creativity and teaches kids about recycling. Try these ideas:

  • Recycled Paper: Make plantable paper from old newspapers and seeds.
  • Bottle Cap Art: Create mosaics or characters.
  • Cardboard Creations: Transform boxes into playhouses or robots.
  • Tin Can Planters: Decorate and use as herb planters.

  • Newspapers, magazines, cardboard, tin cans.
  • Glue, scissors, paint, markers.

3. Visit a Farm

Many farms offer low-cost or free holiday activities that are educational and fun. Activities may include:

  • Animal Feeding: Feed chickens and goats.
  • Milking Demonstrations: Learn how cows and goats are milked.
  • Planting Workshops: Participate in planting seeds.
  • Farm Tours: Learn about farm operations.

Finding a Farm:
  • Look for local farms with holiday programs.
  • Check community boards and social media.

4. Compost Workshop at Home

With schools teaching composting, it’s great to lead by example at home. Composting turns kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich soil, reducing waste and enriching your garden.


  1. Set up a compost bin in your backyard or use a small indoor composting system.
  2. Teach kids what can and can’t be composted.
  3. Involve them in turning the compost and monitoring its progress.
  4. Use the finished compost in your garden.

Engaging in these sustainable activities helps kids learn valuable skills and develop an appreciation for the environment!

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