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How can Monty help your compost?

Never forget to compost

Helps you stay on top of your composting and notifies you when it's time to compost

Keep your compost healthy

Monitors your compost's health levels and tells you if it's balanced or needs attention

Waste less and compost more

Tracks your environmental impact so you waste less and see the difference you made

Smart sensors

Tracks and collects temperature, moisture and gas levels for effective composting

Inside view

Get updates on your compost and receive real-time readings with Monty right inside your pile

Stay connected

Connect to Monty Monitor with the Monty Mobile app to receive personalised compost plans and tips

What our compost community say

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Compost Device

Steph, NSW

Setting up my monty literally took SECONDS. It just sits in your compost and does the guesswork for you.

If you’ve ever been confused by what makes a healthy compost, and what to do to amend your heap for an optimal environment, this monitor will be your best friend!

Cortney, USA

If you compost or want to start, Monty will be one of your best friends. It will tell you more than you could ever imagine about your compost, and tell you how and when to take certain actions so you can speed up and improve your process.

Sophia, WA

I love knowing I have that support to gain more knowledge about soil health and learn how to treat my compost correctly to achieve a healthy outcome.

Kat, VIC

Such a brilliant idea, the fact that it’s an Aussie business makes it even better!

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