Monty Monitor is the world's first smart sensor for your compost

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Our pre-order plan

How we're getting Monty Monitor ready for you


Finalising our manufacturing partner

Monty is designed, tested and ready to go - now we just need to make sure we have the perfect manufacturing partner who can meet our top-tier standards.


Ordering our essential components

The idea of a tool to optimise the composting process is conceptualised by our founder Ash Baxter in her final year of university following months of research.


Building the tools of the trade

To manufacture Monty, there are some special tools that we need to custom make, which takes time, care and consideration so that's exactly what we'll be doing.


The "golden sample"

Before pressing go on the full batch, we'll be making an initial golden sample version of the Monty Monitor, just to ensure all the tools are working well.


Our official first batch

Everything's in place and primed to go so we'll be giving the green light to running our first ever officially manufactured batch.


Assembling, packaging, delivering

The idea of a tool to optimise the composting process is conceptualised by our founder Ash Baxter in her final year of university following months of research.

How you can connect

Want to be part of our Monty's mission?

Maybe you don't have your own compost and aren't quite ready to take the leap ... but you love what we're doing. Here's how you can support us without have to make the full Monty Monitor commitment.

How you can connect

Ways to support us

Risks and regards

Important pre-order stuff you need to know

We want to make sure you're fully informed before buying into our pre-order campaign so read on to get that essential info.

Risks and challenges

Here at Monty Compost Co, we’ve put quality, accuracy and durability at the core of our Monty Monitor design. From initial drawings and prototypes to the actual product, we’ve done everything we could to make sure that it’s absolutely perfect. We learned a lot from our MVP release, where we saw a whole bunch of device corrosion issues arising from the depths of countless compost piles.

If we didn’t have the support of our amazing early adopters we never would have found these issues and been able to solve them. We’re super proud to say that our final design of Monty Monitor has gone through every possible test to ensure it’s functionality in every kind of compost and we’re ready to share it with you.

Making a world-first innovation was never going to be easy but with your support, we know we can overcome any challenge. To learn more about our commitment to mitigating product risk, get in touch.

Common questions

We get a lot of questions on all things compost, waste, sustainability and everything in between. That's why we've put together a FAQ full of all the most common ones. Odds are, if you've got a question, we've already answered here but if not, send it through so we can grow our knowledge base together.

Updating on our progress

We know that you want to know what's going on over on our end through all the ups and downs, which is why we make community communication key. One top of our semi-regular company updates on our main mailing list, every supporter who contributes to our pre-order campaign will receive special, specific progress reports pertaining to their order.

Staying connected

Along with our email updates, we're regulars on our various means of social media and highly recommend you join us. As a small team of super committed composters, these platforms are the fastest and most convenient way to shoot us quick comments and stay connected.

Environmental responsibility

Monty Compost Co takes sustainability seriously. We wouldn't be much of an impact startup if we didn't. We don’t like products that need to get replaced year after year and fill up our landfills. In saying that, compost is a pretty toxic environment and your Monty Monitor will eventually need to be decommissioned ... but not disposed. When Monty finally signs off, we'll be providing a free return shipment so we can recycle, restore and reuse as any components as possible to ensure a circular system.

Anything else?

If you've never done a pre-order campaign before it can all be a little confusing. When will it arrive? Why are you offering it now? What's the meaning of all this?? We had to questions too, which is we we want to give you our answers. Send through any queries, comments, concerns or quandaries and we'll respond post-haste.