Data Driven Compost

Monty helps you compost faster, cleaner and better with our world-first smart compost monitor and mobile app.

  • Waste +

    Collect your waste; food scraps, garden waste, paper and coffee grounds.

  • Compost +

    Add your waste to your compost. Don't forget to turn your compost!

  • Monitor =

    Monitor the whole process and make adjustments as required.

  • Results

    Be rewarded with healthy soil full of nutrients for your garden.

We're working to help everyone, everywhere compost

Monty Compost Co is an Australian startup on a mission to design and develop technologies that enable easy, efficient and effective composting. We believe that with the right tools, we can recycle all our organic waste back into the soil where it belongs.

Here's what our connected composters say

  • Hannah C • Brisbane

    "My compost journey started when I was a kid so I’m super pumped my Monty is giving me results."

  • Dean S • Toowoomba

    "Monty confirms what I already know and all the ways I can improve it. For me, it’s the whole package."

  • Louise O • Noosa

    "I was already composting heaps every day but Monty has helped me to do it better and faster."

Available now for home and school composting

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