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Struggling With Composting?

Here's the problem. You find it hard keeping your pile balanced which leads to slow breakdown and bad smells. We get it. That's where Monty comes in.

Monty Is Upgrading The Compost Game

Providing real-time feedback on essential data like temperature, moisture, and gas levels, you can make informed decisions to improve your composting process and achieve better results.
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Tracks Any Kind Of Compost

Monty Monitor is an Australia-made innovative device that seamlessly integrates technology and composting, offering precise monitoring and control of your compost pile's conditions.

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Perfect Compost Powered By Monty Mobile

Connecting to Monty Monitor is a breeze with the user-friendly, free-forever Monty Mobile app. Access real-time data, receive smart recommendations, and track your composting progress conveniently from your phone.

A Full Suite Of Compost Features

Monty Mobile offers a range of features to support your composting efforts, including


Track and manage your compost’s health


Create a custom profile with your waste


Achieve goals and get rewarded for composting


Shop, socialise, learn and read all about compost
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So Much More Than A Compost Thermometer

Monty is more than just a device. It's your very own compost coach helping you build good compost habits backed by data, empowering you to compost with confidence.

Monty Monitor: Your Ultimate Composting Solution

With Monty Monitor, the confusion and uncertainty surrounding composting becomes a thing of the past. Say goodbye to slow decomposition, inconsistent moisture levels, and overwhelming complexities. Monty Monitor provides clear guidance and objective feedback, making composting easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

So what are you waiting for!

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Tested And Trusted By The Garden Experts

"I think Monty and the app are great tools for beginner gardeners or composters to help them learn more about composting and improve their skills to make wonderful black gold for their garden."
Mark, Self-Sufficient Me
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Reviews From Our Compost Community

Steph, NSW

Setting up my monty literally took SECONDS. It just sits in your compost and does the guesswork for you.
If you’ve ever been confused by what makes a healthy compost, and what to do to amend your heap for an optimal environment, this monitor will be your best friend!

Cortney, USA

If you compost or want to start, Monty will be one of your best friends. It will tell you more than you could ever imagine about your compost, and tell you how and when to take certain actions so you can speed up and improve your process.

Sarah, WA

Monty has taken all of their science-y knowledge, and distilled it into an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand system: a UFO-like stick that lives in your compost with Bluetooth connection to an app that monitors your compost, and offers helpful tips to improve it! I’ve been enjoying using the system for a while now.

Sophia, WA

I love knowing I have that support to gain more knowledge about soil health and learn how to treat my compost correctly to achieve a healthy outcome.

Brooke, QLD

I have no idea where to begin or how to manage a compost bin so Monty has taken away the guess work.

Lysha, SA

After having a few sludgy composts that we had to work hard to fix, it's been so interesting to monitor our compost and get a view into what's going on inside the bins.

Aaron, USA

An ideal ratio of carbon to nitrogen is the most important thing, but knowing how things are going as far as temperature, gas and moisture goes is quite interesting!

Kat, VIC

Such a brilliant idea, the fact that it’s an Aussie business makes it even better!

Renee, USA

I just set up our Monty Monitor, and love that it is so helpful and an affordable way to monitor our compost.

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