The Monty Mission

We're committed to redefining composting through innovation. Our mission is to inspire positive environmental change, one compost pile at a time, as we work together for a greener future.

Who is Monty?

Monty is just simply the name of our monitor! Team Monty is made up of a group of Aussie composters bringing you an innovative solution to manage your waste better.

The Monty Journey


Monty's Beginning

Monty Compost Co is a female-founded startup that began as a university project in 2019. Our Founder Ash won an accelerator prize that helped kick off the Monty journey!


First Prototype

Inventing a compost device isn't easy! We learnt that through many prototypes and testing until we figured out the perfect design solution for an MVP product.


Monty Redesign

Finally after many trials we redesigned Monty and set out to validate the product with some savvy composters!


Manufacturing Monty

We spent all of 2022 working with Australian manufacturers to build Monty Monitor and our app Monty Mobile.


Monty International

We've now been able to expand Monty internationally and work with an amazing compost community who are supporting the Monty journey!