Your Compost, Connected

Monty is a world-first innovation invention, a technology to transform the way we compost our organic waste.


Monty Monitor is a world-first digital probe that measures the temperature, water vapour and organic gasses emitted from your pile and transmits it via Bluetooth to our app.

Monty Mobile recieves, uploads and analyses your Monitor data for unique management insights, along with a dozen other engagement features.

What is Monty Monitor?

Monty Monitor is bringing the smart home revolution to your backyard. Simply stick it in your compost and it tracks its health data, transmitting it to our Monty Mobile app for further analysis.

  • Wireless Rechargeable Batteries

Monty is powered by a set of safety NiMH batteries that provide 4-6 weeks operation on a single 30 minute charge.

  • Environmental Sensor Array

Underneath main module, a small inlet exposes Monty's three sensors to your compost, tracking temperature, water vapour and volatile organic compound gasses, including methane.

  • Durable Plastic Enclosure

To withstand the toxic conditions inside a compost process, Monty is made out of the most durable, reusable materials, made with care in our Queensland facility.

Compost better, easier and faster with Monty Monitor

Monty Monitor, the latest and greatest compost companion to help you monitor and track everything that's going on within your pile.⁠

Simply stick it in your compost pile, bin or tumbler and view your composts accurately calibrated data on your smartphone.

Equipped with temperature and gas sensors Monty Monitor will help you become a compost pro.

  • Understand your compost better

    Know what’s happening in your compost like never before. Monty Monitor will tell you what your compost needs and how to achieve the best results.

  • Interactive, smart composting

    Keep track of what you’re composting. Monty Monitor works together with Monty Mobile sending real time compost data straight to your phone.

  • Composting for all ages and stages

    Monty Monitor can help all sorts of composters. Whether you’re a beginner or compost pro - Monty will be there for you every step of the way.

How it works

How do I use it?

Monty Monitor is the probe that collects all the health data from your compost. It works together with the Monty Mobile app that sends the collected data into our cloud database for further analysis to translate your data into actionable insights.

How do you turn it on?

There is no 'ON/OFF' button on the monitor. Simply charge it up and you will be able to connect right away. Once connected, data that has been collected will sync to the Monty Mobile app when you log on. It is important to sync your data regularly to ensure accurate readings.

How does it stay charged?

Monty Monitor is charged using a wireless charger. A single charge will last around 1-2 months in your compost.

How can it help my compost?

If you've ever had a compost gone wrong and had no idea how to fix it Monty Monitor will sense and notify you before things go south. You can view the full breakdown of your compost with Monty Monitor through the Monty Mobile app. We're on a mission to help everyone compost more effectively and efficiently with Monty Monitor.

Get Connected With Monty Mobile

Monty Mobile is the primary interface between you, your compost and Monty Monitor. It connects to your Monitor via Bluetooth, uploads all the data it has collected and performs our super smart analysis on it, along with dozens of other features.

Connect to your compost, straight from your smartphone

Monty Mobile is super simple to download and set-up so you can get straight down to business. Available for free on both Android and iOS, it is the most comprehensive app available for all composters out there.

Continuously collect all your key composting data

Using industry standard Bluetooth transmission built into every mobile, Monty Mobile recieves all the info recorded by your Monitor and uploads it to our cloud database.

  • Create a digital profile for your composting

  • Gamify your composting goals and achievements

  • Browse a curated compost content conservatory

Still curious?

We have a comprehensive backlog of frequently asked questions with all the right answers already put together to help explain everything Monty.