How to get a free compost caddy

How to get a free compost caddy

What’s better than having the coolest gear for your composting? Getting it for free!

Brisbane City Council has partnered with local community hubs to help residents turn their kitchen scraps and organic waste into compost by giving out free compost caddies for your kitchen. Pop it on your countertop, under the sink or in the fridge and you’ve got an awesome collection method to keep flies out and remind you to place scraps in the compost rather than in the bin. This is great because if you don’t have a place to put food scraps when you’re in the middle of chopping fruits and veg, they usually end up in the trash.

So how do you get one? It’s super simple.

Firstly, register online to the community composting program with this link:
Once you have registered, you can head to your local ward office and pick up your very own compost caddy up! If you haven’t been before, check out this handy link to find where it is.

Don’t have a compost at home? You can always get involved with one of Brisbane's community garden compost hubs to take on all the scraps you’ve collected. You can find your nearest one here. All you need to do now is collect and drop off your scraps and the community gardens will do the rest of the work.

If you’re already composting yourself though and were just on the market for a kitchen compost caddy, it’s absolutely perfect for you too!

Did you know that the BCC actually offers a huge $100 rebate on compost equipment? 

The best part is, Monty Monitor is included in the rebate which means you can get your very own Monty to help you compost better for just $39.
Not in Brisbane? Heaps of councils across Australia and the world are putting together similar programs like this to encourage household recycling so be sure to check out your local area’s offering.

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