"I'm Perfect" Monty Monitor

"I'm Perfect" Monty Monitor

Have you been thinking about getting a Monty Monitor but don't want to break the bank? Well we've got a solution that's good for your wallet and the planet!

Manufacturing isn’t always smooth sailing, sometimes things happen which leads to an imperfect final product. In our first batch of Montys, a small percentage was unfortunately assembled imperfectly - while they all work to full functionality, this led to some aesthetic defects.

We’ve been wondering what to do with the products that have some bumps and bruises for a little while now and throwing them away was definitely NOT on the list 🙅‍♀️

Rather than throw these Montys away though, like most companies do, we're offering them as a limited-edition discounted product line! Rest assured, we've thoroughly tested our "I'm Perfect" Monty Monitors and we’re happy to announce “I’m Perfect” Monty Monitor are now available on our website for anyone who would like a Monty but also wants to support our mission to minimise waste ♻️

"I'm Perfect" Monty Monitor may have: 

  • A small rattle due to a loose non-electronic internal component,
  • An incomplete external seal due to ultrasonic weld settings,
  • Dents due to moulding process.

Nobody's perfect, including Monty, so get yours today and join our compost community!

Please note: "I'm Perfect" Monty Monitors are final sale, regardless of the aesthetic defects it may have. "I'm Perfect" Monty Monitors are covered by our hardware warranty. If for any reason your "I'm Perfect" Monty Monitor is experiencing issues, we'll offer replacement support. 

As always, thank you massively for all your support and happy composting 🌱

Ashley and Team Monty 💚

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